Embrace Your Inner Viking as You Set Sail in New SMITE Adventure

November 6, 2017

Developers Hi-Rez are turning things up a notch with their latest free content for their hit MOBA SMITE. The new DLC, Shadows over Hercopolis, is unleashed today for PC players (console players will get the new content on November 10th) and players will find themselves doing something a bit different than the normal PVP goodness one has come to expect from SMITE.

Players will find themselves in an RPG adventure set in the Norse realms. The trickster god Loki has kidnapped  Hercules and you will have to fight your way through some truly nasty bosses, picking up lots of lovely loot on the way, to get the Greek hero back. The first boss the Gods come to is a horrid flesh-eating sea monster which will attack while you are on a boat through Niflheim. It is a multiphase encounter so you will need to keep your reflexes sharp. Your journey then takes you to Muspelheim, a land of fire, where you will have to defeat a giant Fire Giant. Only once you have defeated him will you get to go up against Loki in Helheim.


This is certainly a new approach for the game. Leaving the PVP element behind for a new and interesting adventure will definitely bring a new edge to the game. The Project Lead on SMITE, Travis Brown, is excited about the new content saying that it is going to challenge players skills and teamwork:

“The pace we’ve set with this new adventure is nonstop. The realms of Norse myth are fraught with environmental hazards, devious puzzles, and colossal monstrosities. All of which we have brought to life in the most epic challenge SMITE player have ever faced.”

For a limited time, there is a discount on the Trickster bundle in the Store. It comes with a limited edition Loki skin, an avatar, theme music, a loading screen skin, and a Golden Key which will unlock a Limited Skin from the Gold Vault.

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