E3 2021: The Anacrusis Announced For Xbox and PC

June 11, 2021

The Anacrusis is a quirky multiplayer first person shooter from developer Stray Bombay. Announced during the Summer Game Fest Kickoff show, the game is coming to Xbox and PC, and will also be available on Game Pass.

Blasting through hordes of monsters as a team of four, this Left4Dead style shooter is set on an abandoned spaceship. Seemingly packing plenty of humour, it’s also got a unique pulpy 70s-inspired art style which sets it apart from other games of this ilk.

Releasing later this year, The Anacrusis will be broken down into “episodes” — but not in the way you think. Stray Bombay has confirmed that these will be more akin to standard game updates, providing new content for players and adding to the inevitable replayability.

Each of these updates will add new stories and voice lines, making new runs on these maps even better to play. Alongside this, there’ll also be a breadth of new weapons and items available for players to keep things fresh.

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Ant Barlow

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