E3 2021: Starfield Releases November 11th 2022; Watch The Teaser Here

June 13, 2021
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Starfield may well be one of the most highly anticipated games, erm… ever? And it launches exclusively on Xbox Series and PC on November 11th 2022.

The first new world built by Bethesda Studios in over 25 years, the space exploration game opened up the Xbox + Bethesda presentation during E3 2021 and it looks gorgeous. The in-game teaser (below) for the game shows a lone astronaut gearing up for take-off in a ship to explore the galaxy.

It appears that exploration will be at the heart of Starfield. An open world RPG, the game is designed for players to “explore with unparalleled freedom” as they look to uncover “the world’s greatest mystery”. 

“And yes, it’s exclusive” are words that will sting the ears of PlayStation fans because, if it wasn’t already clear, Starfield is also very much an Xbox and PC exclusive. Phil Spencer confirmed as much back in March (per The Gamer)

Watch the two-minute teaser trailer below:

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