E3 2021: Metal Slug Tactics Takes the Arcade Classic Turn-Based

June 11, 2021

Metal Slug and turn-based aren’t two things that you’d expect to go hand in hand and yet developer Dotemu has done just that with Metal Slug Tactics. Announced during the Summer Game Fest Kickoff show the arcade shoot ‘em up now has a distinctly tactical approach.

Introduced with an incredibly over the top trailer, Metal Slug Tactics is a grid-based, strategic, mission-based game set in the Metal Slug universe. Playing as Marco, Eri, Flo, or Tama, players can utilise the series’ classic weaponry, alongside new skill trees, perks, and more to outwit your opponents and take down classic Metal Slug villains.

Embracing rogue-lite elements, Metal Slug Tactics is designed to be “highly replayable,” with challenging missions rendered in a fantastic pixel art style that puts a unique twist on the series’ signature look. It also contains brand new music from Tee Lopes who has worked on a vast array of Dotemu’s modern take on retro gaming.

Described as a “respectful homage to an all-time classic”, Metal Slug Tactics will launch on PC via Steam although no date has yet been announced.

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