E3 2021: Everything We Saw at Devolver Digital's Maxpass+ Event

June 14, 2021
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Devolver Digital’s presentation during E3 2021 was predictably ridiculous and yet another brilliantly satirical tear down of the games industry — seriously, you should watch it — but it also allowed the indie publisher to show off a lot of new games and share more details on titles we already knew about.

So, without further ado, here is every ‘Premium Purchase’ (it'll make sense if you watch the conference — I promise!) that we saw during the Devolver Digital ‘Maxpass+’ presentation.

Shadow Warrior 3 | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One:

A ridiculously over the top shooter, Shadow Warrior 3 ramps things up considerably over its predecessors. Action is fast paced, fluid and incredibly chaotic. See if you can tell exactly what’s happening in the trailer below. Shadow Warrior 3 is launching later this year.

Trek To Yomi | PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One:

A beautiful-looking, Kurosawa-inspired, black and white side scrolling action game, Trek to Yomi is the latest game from Leonard Menchiari and developer Flying Wild Hog. Set in feudal Japan, a young swordsman must protect his town to honour his dying Master. Trek to Yomi is a game I’m suddenly very excited about, but we’ll have to wait until 2022 to play it.

Wizard with a Gun | PC & Consoles:

An online co-op sandbox survival game, Wizard with a Gun is exactly what it sounds like. Set in a magical wilderness full of dangerous creatures, players can take their journey alone or with friends to collect, craft and build out your titular Wizard as you see fit. Design your own weapons, bullets and more before you can’t control your magic anymore. Coming to PC and unspecified consoles in 2022.

Inscryption | PC:

The new game from Daniel Mullins — creator of Pony Island and The Hex — is a terrifying, mind-bending new game. Described as “a self-destructing love letter to video games,” Inscryption is an “inky black” card based game that blends deck-building, rogue-like elements, escape room puzzles and psychological horror. Inscryption looks terrifying and launches on PC later this year.

Devolver Tumble Time | Mobile:

Described as “the future of physics-based puzzle gameplay” and “elegant monetisation and strategic brand integration,” Devolver Tumble Time is a free-to-play mobile game that features characters from Devolver games like Shadow Warrior and Serious Sam, and parodies the kinds of mobile games burdened by microtransactions. The game launches in 2021.

Demon Throttle | Switch:

From Doinksoft, the creator of Gato Roboto, comes the retro-styled Demon Throttle. The story of a vampire and a gunslinger on a quest for vengeance against a demon who stole from her and slept with his wife, this throwback has its tongue firmly placed in its cheek. A bullet hell game that throws back to the days of the NES, it’ll only be available physically too. Yes, that’s right, Demon Throttle is a physical only Switch game being made available via Special Reserve, and it’s launching in 2022.

Death’s Door | PC and Xbox:

Death’s Door is coming soon, very soon in fact. Launching on July 20th, you play as a crow in charge of collecting the souls of the deceased. That’s what crows do in this gorgeously-animated world, apparently — day in and day out. However, when your assigned soul is stolen you must venture to a realm without death to track down both the soul itself and the thief who took it. 

Phantom Abyss | PC:

Also coming very soon is Phantom Abyss. Releasing in Early Access in just 10 days time (June 22nd), Phantom Abyss is a huge, asynchronous multiplayer game that throws players into procedurally-generated temples with the goal of retrieving the relics hidden inside. To do so, players must dodge booby traps, leap over chasms, and flee from the enemies who guard these relics until they reach the end — if they ever do. What’s more, you only get one attempt at each temple.

So that’s it, that’s everything we saw during the Devolver Digital ‘Maxpass+’ presentation. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have to watch it again. I’ve also got the urge to subscribe to something… anything.

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