E3 2021: Death Stranding Goes All Metal Gear Solid in New Trailer For A 'Director's Cut'

June 11, 2021

Death Stranding Director's Cut is coming to PlayStation 5. The new version of the game was confirmed by Hideo Kojima himself during the Summer Game Fest kickoff show and it had more than a hint of Metal Gear Solid in the trailer.

Opening on Sam Porter Bridges, we can see the Death Stranding Protagonist overlooking an industrial setting patrolled by guards, then very familiar music swells as Bridges looks to a vent before deciding on a cardboard box. Obviously.

Little else is known about what the ‘Director's Cut’ entails, but Geoff Keighley mentioned that a further reveal was “weeks away”. The trailer was prefaced with a PlayStation Studios splash screen, so it’s safe to assume that Sony has a State of Play up its sleeve.

Death Stranding was the first game developed by Kojima under the new independent Kojima Productions moniker. Best known for his work on Metal Gear Solid — and with rumours of a remake a constant over the past 12 months — could this trailer hint at a return for Solid Snake too? We’ll have to wait and see. Of course, that would mean kojima having some kind of renewed partnership with Konami. If true, perhaps we get P.T. back, as well?

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Ant Barlow

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