Demon's Souls Remake Exclusive to PlayStation 5

June 12, 2020

Demon's Souls is getting a remake on PlayStation 5. As revealed during Sony’s PlayStation 5 live event on Thursday, the cult classic is being remade by Bluepoint Games. 

Rumours have been widespread regarding a Bluepoint-helmed remake of the cult classic game, but a short teaser trailer gave us a first glimpse at the remake. 

Demon's Souls was originally released on PlayStation 3 in 2009, and developed by FromSoftware. Like the original, the remake remains exclusive to PlayStation. The original game was published by SIE in Japan, but handled by Atlus (USA) and Namco Bandai (Europe) in other territories. 

Beautifully macabre and gorgeously gothic, this reveal is sure to excite fans who have yet to play the originator of the hardcore and unrelenting ‘Soulsborne’ gameplay style. 

No release date for the game has been announced and little else is known about the Demon’s Souls remake at the moment, but the mere anticipation is likely to excite fans.

How much do you want to play this amazing-looking remake of Demon’s Souls? Let us know in the comments.

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