Deep Silver and Nine Dots Announce Release Date for Survival RPG Outward

January 15, 2019
Also on: PC, Xbox One

Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things

If you’re the sort of gamer who wishes for more immersion and personal fulfilment in their RPGs, then the announcement of Outward is sure to make you chomp at the bit  

Outward is a completely open-world RPG where you take the role as an ordinary human embarking on their own adventure. In doing so, the player will have to learn to survive the harsh environment (with no in-game tutorial!), balancing their hunger, thirst, protection from exposure as well as fighting off those that wish to do you harm during your travels. Interestingly, this realism extends to magic — where such powers require time and ritualistic focus and are not so easily summoned to do your bidding.

What has gotten us really excited is the addition of online multiplayer including local split-screen support. A feature so sorely missing from recent releases. Such dangerous  adventures are all the better (and dare we say, safer?) when shared with a companion.

However you choose to play, you must live with your decisions and actions. Outward features a constant auto-save system meaning there’s no backtracking if things go awry, further adding to that sense of realism in an unforgiving world.

Outward will be released on March 26, 2019 and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

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