de Blob Remastered Version Splattering All Over Switch in 2018

February 13, 2018

In a black-and-white announcement, THQ Nordic today announced that their puzzle-platformer de Blob will be hitting the Switch later this year, in a remastered form. The original game first made a colourful and well-received appearance on console with the Wii version a staggering ten years ago. Will time have been kind to the gelatinous one?

A new coat of, erm, paint.

Chroma City is in dire need of a splash of colour, and it's de Blob's task to rectify things by painting the town red. And green. Possibly blue,too.The game includes a story mode, and local multiplayer with multiple different modes. Details of whether any other enhancements or additions beyond the shiny graphical update are scarce, but as the Wii version was the superior version across consoles first time around, it makes sense for this new release to make use of Nintendo's versatile console.

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Rob Kershaw

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