Darkflow Software Announce Cuisine Royale - A Kitchen-Themed MMO Shooter

January 14, 2019
Xbox One

If you can’t stand the heat …

If you’re the sort of person who has had murderous thoughts directed at your kitchen staff and/or ‘helpful’ family members, then today is your lucky day! Darkflow Software and Gaihin Entertainment have announced their new MMO shooter Cuisine Royale will be heading to Xbox One in 2019, but is available now on the Xbox Insider Hub.

If that leaves you scratching your head, or mouthing some sort of profanity-laced confusion then you’re in good company. However, despite its rather bizarre setting, Cuisine Royale is also pledging to be the “the most realistic battle royale experience you can have on your PC... coming to Xbox One this year,” according to Senior Producer Alexander Polyakov.

Not only that, but it also houses what the developers are calling “The Honest Loot Box System”, wherein all loot boxes are hidden all around the map and are free to open with all contents clearly labelled prior to opening, with a 100% drop chance of what is said to be inside.

I mean, isn’t that just called in-game content? But either way, we’re all for putting microtransactions in the bin.

Cuisine Royale is currently available on PC, and will be released on Xbox One later in the year.

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