Creative Assembly announces Total War: ARENA open beta and new Carthage faction

February 8, 2018

Sharpen your spears and oil your leathers, for today Creative Assembly and Wargame Alliance announced they have added a fourth faction to Total War: ARENA.

The surprise announcement is to celebrate the launch of the open beta, which kicks off on February 22nd. The new addition is Carthage, led by none other than Hannibal (he of elephant fame) and Hasdrubal (his less famous brother). Fear not, pachyderm fans, you won't be short-changed - War Elephants number among the brand new units being added alongside the formidable commander. Hannibal has the ability to speed up slower units such as heavy infantry and his trunked friends, while Hasdrubal appears to be more of a support leader, buffing and debuffing as he rides, but proving no less valuable.


Carthage is primed for ambushes, then, and should prove to be an interesting addition to Total War: ARENA's collection. If you want to see how they play, a live stream is taking place at 4:30pm GMT today, and will include a live development Q&A.

Click here to tune in.

It's also worth noting that from 10:00AM UTC on February 19th, the Total War: ARENA servers will be closed until the open beta launches four days later. Time to prepare for  carnage....erm, Carthage.

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