Channel Your Inner Captain Ahab in Nantucket

January 11, 2018

Developers of the widely anticipated seafaring strategy game Nantucket have finally announced its release date. The game will be available on multiple desktop platforms such as SteamHumble Store, and on January 18th and will be priced at £13.99 / €17.99 / $17.99. When the game went through its Steam Greenlight process in 2015, it had an excellent reception from strategy and RPG fans and the anticipation is still growing (judging by some of the comments on its Steam page). It has been a long process for Italian developers Picaresque Studios but now the launch is on the horizon and we can all look forward to seeing a very unique game.

nantucket 1

If you don’t know anything about Nantucket, it is a game set during the “golden era” of the American whaling economy. Being heavily inspired by the stories of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick by Herman Melville, the game continues on from where the book ends… at the destruction of the whaling boat the Pequod. You play as Ishmael, the sole survivor of the boat. You must continue to ride the seven seas while, all the time, looking out for the mighty white whale, Moby Dick, to exact your revenge for killing Captain Ahab and the rest of the crew.

nantucket 2

So, how does a strategy and RPG game about 19th-century whaling economy work? Well, there are so many features to this game. There is so much to keep you occupied and interested in the game. You get to chart a course that will take you around the World to explore new lands and have new adventures, develop your character by improving your stats and skills, manage your crew and ship, fight pirates and make money!

nantucket 3

Get adding it to your wishlists ready for release on January 18th!

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