Borderlands 3 — New Trailer — "So Happy Together"

July 17, 2019

This September 13th sees the release of Borderlands 3. If action, role-playing and first-person viewpoints are your thing, all wrapped up in some Mad Max-style post apocalyptic world, then you should be totally on this.

To whet your appetite then, check out the latest trailer for Gearbox Software's latest.

If it works, you can get it on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC later in the year!

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Luciano Howard

I've been gaming for 30+ years on the Commodore VIC-20 to the Nintendo Switch and most things in-between. I enjoy all kinds of games but if I had to pick a couple right now, I'd say I adore Mario and love Dark Souls. I can talk about either ad infinitum...