Be the Wizard You’ve Always Wanted to be in Fictorum

August 19, 2017

Competition in the realm of RPG games is strong, but a new indie game is aiming to make a name for itself with its unique take skill and power progression.

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, indie developers Scraping Bottom Games recently released their new action RPG game Fictorum. The game originally surfaced on Kickstarter and was successful in receiving well over its original funding target. It was also successful is getting through the Steam Greenlight. On August 9th, 2016, the game was finally released on Steam and things have been going pretty steady since.

fictorum 2.png

Fictorum follows the journey of a wizard who is exacting revenge on the Inquisition, the governing body of the World who are hell-bent on destroying the order of wizards you belong to. The Fictorum is a secret order of magic users who are able to use and shape all schools of magic, even so far as being able to survive being executed.

Different from other RPG games, you do not start at level 1 with weak powers and dressed in drabs in Fictorum. Infact you start with all your powers and the character progression in the game revolves around improving them, customization, and become even more powerful!

Another great feature that the game possesses is a procedural generated node-based world map so it is highly unlikely that you will never play the same game twice!

fictorum 3.png

Fictorum is out now and on sale via Steam for £14.99 for Windows only. While you are here, check out this trailer!

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