Baldur's Gate III Might Get Early Access Release in August

June 16, 2020

Baldur’s Gate III is coming to Steam Early Access this August… maybe. Developer Larian Studios — best known for Divinity Original Sin and it’s sequel — revealed the date during the The Guerilla Collective Day One Presentation on Saturday, but admitted COVID-19 may pose a problem when it comes to shipping the game.

Following a brand new trailer for the game (below), Larian’s Sven Vincke delivered a fun-yet-candid speech to the audience about the Dungeons & Dragons-based game. Vincke noted that development of the highly anticipated game had been impacted by the global pandemic — particularly when it came to performance capture. However staff at the Belgium-based developer have adapted to working from home, a move the founder sees as “a successful one”, allowing them to build towards an early access release.

Announcing such a speculative release date is an unprecedented move, especially for such a high profile release. However, Vincke has assured fans that the team at Larian is working hard and will use the proposed early access period to work with the community during this time to “evolve the game”.

Baldur’s Gate III was first revealed during the inaugural Google Stadia presentation ahead of E3 2019. Larian has yet to release any further news about the release on Google’s streaming platform.

Are you looking forward to revisiting The Forgotten Realms again in Baldur’s Gate III? Let us know in the comments!

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