Australian Post-Apocalyptic RPG Broken Roads Has a New Release Date

March 21, 2024


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Drop Bear Bytes today announced the new release date for their delayed old-school isometric RPG Broken Roads. Previously scheduled for a Q4 2023 launch, the developer pulled the game due to gamer feedback around a lack of polish and significant bugs still present just before release. Having played a good six hours of the game back in November, we can confirm that this was the right decision - the majority of the experience was enjoyable, but there was still a lot that needed fixing.

Rather than rushing out the release and post-patching, it's an admirable move to give the game a few more months of development and be up front with the player base. We're looking at you, CD Projekt Red...

Broken Roads has the feel of the Wasteland series, and the early Fallout games, but with an Outback twist. The locations you'll see in game are all real Australian villages and towns (the team visited them in person to create them with a layer of authenticity), and with over 400,000 words of dialogue, fans of Planescape Torment or Disco Elysium will have plenty of story to get their teeth into.

The studio has released a new trailer (below) and you can look forward to getting your hands on Broken Roads from Steam and GOG on April 10th, as well as on Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series.

Check back with JDR for our review next month!

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Rob Kershaw

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