Ash of Gods — New Trailer For Roguelike SRPG Boasts Incredible Animation

December 20, 2017

Strategy RPG fans need look no further than March 2018, as Ash of Gods from Aurum Dust is launched, with a new trailer available showcasing truly impressive animation and music which belies the tiny size of the development team.


‍A blend of traditional RPG, card game and roguelike elements mean that the branching storyline will always evolve, and no decision is without consequence. A short-term benefit may lead to the death of a main character, while a sacrifice may make a future encounter far easier — but those choices are not going to be easy to make.

The music and hand-drawn art style have already won accolades in various European conferences, and the animation is based on live actors’ motion capture. AI is also adaptive and will learn from your play style as you progress, meaning that you won’t be able to use the same tactics to bludgeon your way through the game. With PvP and PvE multiplayer thrown in as well, Ash of Gods is certainly shaping up to be one to watch in 2018.

Wastelands' thrilling finale means it's a step up from Rules, but it makes a few missteps in its handling of the brothers’ relationship to get there.
Rob Kershaw

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