Anti-Bullying Game, The Path of Motus, Launches Mid-July

July 4, 2018
Also on: PS4, Xbox One

It isn't uncommon for an indie game to focus on an issue which is incredibly important and prevalent in today's society but it isn't that common for it to be presented in a way which makes it playable for all ages. Step into the arena The Path of Motus. This game, developed by solo indie dev Michael Hicks from the USA, and it explores the psychology behind bullying in a cool and cartoony manner. The game has been in development for the past three years but it is now ready to launch and it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on July 17th.

The game is set in a dark forest inhabited by little goblins. They have become trapped and can't find their way out. Those that get close to escaping come back feeling hopeless and depressed. One little goblin, the titular Motus, sets out on his own quest to rebuild the bridges in the forest and find a way out. However, as soon as he makes any leeway, he comes face to face with bullies who use their words as a form of combat to try and defeat him. As the story progresses, and you grow from a child to an adult, you get a glimpse into why some can become so aggressive towards others and belittle and bully those they deem weaker than themselves.

The developer used his own experiences with bullies to make the game, and just from reading available information about it you can see that he has gone into great depth.

"When I was younger, I was interested in what made bullies act so aggressively. As time went on I began to befriend some of them, and learned they had either been bullied themselves earlier in life, had really bad family lives, or were just simply jealous of other people; I kept all of this in mind as I designed the game."

The Path of Motus has already been shown at PAX East via Indie Game Booth and has been nominated for Momocon's Indie Game Award 2018. There will also be an educational version released for use in schools at a later date. There is currently no price information for the game but head on over to its Steam page and add it to your wishlist!

Emma Spalding

It all began with the Atari ST. Then the first home PC. And the rest is history. Although a platformer and RPG lass at heart, I'm willing to give anything a go, and if a game looks quirky then you've got my attention!