Among Us Comes to PlayStation This Summer

April 30, 2021
Also on: PS4

Surprise indie hit Among Us is coming to PlayStation this summer. Announced on Thursday via PlayStation’s April State of Play presentation, the game will support cross play and includes an exclusive Ratchet & Clank-themed hat.

Among Us has taken a long time to be announced for Sony’s platforms. An Xbox version was confirmed in December (also coming in summer) and is already available to Nintendo Switch owners following a surprise release last year.

One of the biggest games of the past year, Among Us took time to find an audience. Originally released in 2018, the game’s popularity surged after being showcased by high profile Twitch streamers.

A multiplayer game set aboard a spacecraft, one or more players are tasked with being an ‘impostor’ whilst others carry out menial duties around the ship. The impostor’s role is to murder their crewmates without getting caught or outed by other players. 

The simplicity of the game’s core mechanic has made it incredibly accessible. And whilst it’s not nearly as popular as it was at its peak, it could still be destined for success when it reaches both the PlayStation and Xbox audiences this summer.

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