Albert and Otto Finally Heads to Consoles

January 11, 2018
Also on: PC, Xbox One

Developers of popular PC game Albert and Otto have announced that it is finally releasing the game on both PS4 and XBox One. The XBox One version has been released today, January 10th, and the PS4 version will arrive on January 16/17th. The original PC/Mac version was released on Steam in October 2015 and was scheduled to be a 4-part game but only the first instalment “The Adventure Begins” is currently available. Hopefully, the release of console versions of the game will drive the developers KBROS to bring the next part of the game to fruition.

albert and otto 2

If you aren’t familiar with the game, Albert & Otto is a 2D puzzle platformer and is set in 1939 Germany. It centres around a little boy and his abducted sister’s magical bunny. The pair must work together to find the missing girl and overcome all kinds of beasts and solve puzzles by working together utilising each other’s strengths.

There are some great features to the game including unique gameplay mechanics between Albert and Otto and a mixture of slow-paced thought-provoking puzzles together with unforgiving gauntlet sections which require quick thinking and fast reactions. The look of the game draws a lot of similarities with popular Limbo but the dark yet heartwarming story definitely sets itself far apart.

albert and otto 3

Head over to the XBox One store now to grab your copy and, for PS4 players, make sure you check the PlayStation Store on January 16/17th!

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