Adorable Critter Platformer Forever Forest Out on Nintendo Switch Today

January 14, 2019

If you go down to the woods today …

Mad About Pandas' latest offering, Forever Forest, has been released today exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

The platformer takes place in a procedurally generated world that constantly shifts and changes, with unlimited expansion. As a child of the forest you are tasked with taking the last ray of light across the world to illuminate the darkness and restore balance against the corrupting influence of humankind.

On your journey you will have to use your wits and quick reactions to outsmart and hunt powerful enemies while absorbing mysterious masks to mold and evolve your character. All the while you'll be adventuring in a world fully illustrating the forest's fragility through its beautiful art and soothing melodies.

We’re suckers for an immersive world, and even more so for one that carries a positive message to its players.

Forever Forest is available now from the Nintendo eStore.

The Division 2 is a hefty step-up from its predecessor, with a massive amount of content to keep you engaged for weeks. Massive has created a truly engaging shared world game which remembers it's the players, and not the shareholders, that come first and foremost.
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