A New Look At Nathan Drake & Sully in Sony's Uncharted Movie

May 24, 2021
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According to the current schedule, Uncharted the movie will be released in February 2022. It stars Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland (ok, the original MCU Spider-Man at least; who knows how many there will be come the next film...) and Mark 'Marky Mark' Wahlberg as Sully.

We have a new still from the movie:

Honestly, they could be anyone and doing anything. I get a certain Robert Langdon vibe but what I don't get is a Nathan Drake feeling. Not from this. That makes some sense as only when we see and hear Drake in action can we truly know what we're getting. Will it be more Indiana Jones than Tomb Raider? Time will tell. What you can determine for yourselves right now is how much you like the above pair compared to the animated couple we know and love:

However it turns out we'll be getting much more gaming fare translated to the small and big screen, with a lot from Sony's stable. The biggie is perhaps HBO's The Last of Us series. Now that should be special coming from that organisation. We'll be there.

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