5 Conclusions - 04/05/18

May 4, 2018

A regular look at gaming-related stories from the past week or so whereby conclusions are drawn from anything and everything. These may be incredibly well reasoned based on events from the week. Alternatively, they may be highly speculative, drawn from very little evidence. More likely, they will be somewhere in between.

Conclusion One: All of this has happened before and will happen again

So, retro consoles are the in thing right now. That’s cool. Apparently though, this trend for recycling what has happened before doesn’t stop at new versions of old consoles. No, thanks to Capcom and iam8bit.com you will soon be able to get your hands on a new version of Mega Man 2 for the NES and Mega Man X for the SNES. Actual new, working cartridges, for your original console of choice.

Each cart comes with a funky box, new instruction booklet and other enticing goodies but there are many other ways to play these games, so perhaps it’s only for the collectors? At $100 for each and the very fact the number of units is limited, that’s pretty clear. So let’s file it under fun and kooky but not much else, shall we?

Conclusion Two: We can play in the World Cup for free

On June 14th, the football World Cup in Russia begins. 32 countries vying for the title of world champions, before Brazil, Germany or Spain wins it. It's brilliant stuff for all football fans and something to look forward to every four years. This time we have something for FIFA fans, too.

On May 29th anyone who owns FIFA 18 will be able to download a free content update enabling various World Cup modes. There will be the chance to take part in the tournament, have one-off games using the World Cup teams (where licenses allow, of course) and perhaps most excitingly, a brand new FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup mode with new Icons (really special players of old) and everything.

In the past, EA has released specific World Cup games so this is refreshing and will be utterly devoured by the existing fanbase for the few weeks World Cup fever hits before England depart, sans success.

Conclusion Three: Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer reminds the world what October is for

Playing Red Dead Redemption 2, of course. Rockstar’s latest open world gunslinger, set towards the end of the wild west and with an appearance by John Marston? What part of that suggests anything less than total domination?


The actual trailer is somewhat uninspiring itself, with no actual gameplay, but Rockstar games are events and we haven’t had any since 2013. With what’s been and gone in the meantime (Zelda: Breath of the Wild, God of War), can Rockstar sate the gaming hardcore as well as the masses who will play regardless? Our bet is yes, of course, but it will still be delightful to see how they do it.

Conclusion Four: Enter Lordran early with jolly co-operation

Between May 11th and May 12th PS4 and Xbox One users will have the chance to try out Dark Souls Remastered before its release on May 25th. Play will be limited to the Undead Parish area, which should at least mean the chance to tackle the Bell Gargoyles, visit your old chum Andre and even reconnect with Solaire, everyone’s favourite Sunbro!

The way to make this happen is to head to your preferred online store now and download the network test client, which will be available until May 8th. The purpose of the test is to check that summoning, being summoned and general online gameplay is ready for release.

I wonder, can it be so grossly incandescent, still?

Conclusion Five: Everyone is the God of War

We really liked God of War at Jump Dash Roll. Kratos is the man of 2018, and Atreus, the boy. It seems plenty others agree too, given that Sony announced the game sold 3.1 million copies in its first three days on sale, blitzing every other PlayStation 4 title to become the biggest-selling title on Sony’s console, ever. Wow.

It’s got a way to go to match even the day one sales of GTA V, though, which managed to shift 11.21 million copies in twenty–four hours.

Wastelands' thrilling finale means it's a step up from Rules, but it makes a few missteps in its handling of the brothers’ relationship to get there.
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