2K Announces Borderlands 3 Crossplay, New Campaign and Big April Update

February 28, 2020
Also on: PS4, Xbox One

Whether you’re superstitious or not, if you're a Steam fan Friday 13th March will be a joyous day either way. Gearbox and 2K games announced that Borderlands 3 will hit the platform on the March 13th with crossplay so you can join your friends who play on Epic’s platform. There are plans afoot to bring in other features such as mailing weapons between players but for launch crossplay is the ticket feature. Nothing was announced in regards to joining in the mayhem with console counterparts but one can hope that this feature will appear sometime in the near future

But that’s not all! Just a couple of weeks after that everyone will be able to jump into Borderlands 3’s second campaign add-on called Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock. If the title and imagery doesn’t conjure up some Lovecraftian nightmares then you can cover me in feathers and call me Nigel. 

Set on the frozen planet of Xylourgos you’re invited along to the nuptials of Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs. However, there’s a band of occultists who are rather keen on breaking up the betrothed partners. The episode will see the return of vault hunter Gaige as well as her robotic BFF Deathtrap. You can also expect some new enemies, weird and wacky backstories in the town of Cursehaven as well as showing off new cosmetics.

This all comes in ahead of Borderlands 3’s planned major update in April, dubbed Mayhem Mode 2.0, which will come as a free update to all players and will change up the end-game content by reinventing the ways in which the Mayhem modifiers work. However, Gearbox and 2K Games’ plans for Borderlands 3 won’t stop there as we’re still due another campaign add-on (yet to be named), the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event as well as Guardian Takedown. The latter is similar to Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite but will pit you against the mysterious Eridians and featuring, as you’d expect, new enemies, new bosses and those all important cosmetics.

Borderlands 3 will be available on Steam from March 13th.

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