The Division 2 Announced and Year 3 Updates for the Original Planned

March 9, 2018
Also on: PC, Xbox One

Well that was quite the day yesterday for all fans of The Division, and those who have joined our new adventure here at Jump Dash Roll since launch will know that there is one person involved that adored it (clue: me). Ubisoft took to their usual 4pm State of the Game slot for The Division, a weekly streamed show with the community developers where they talk about issues, changes coming and so on, to announce that The Division 2 is coming and it will be fully revealed at E3 this year. 

More details were shared, telling us that the game will utilise an upgraded version of the Snowdrop engine and is being developed by a number of Ubisoft studios, all of which had some involvement in the original. Developed by Massive Entertainment and with support by Ubisoft Annecy, Redstorm, Reflections, Ubisoft Bucharest and Ubisoft Shanghai, The Division 2 will hopefully take all the improvements and changes seen in the original,l earn from them and come out with something that old and new players alike can love.

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Not content with simply resting on their laurels, a Ubisoft theme is building and all credit to them, The Division is getting a series of updates for this year as well - nothing major, but still it's more free content on top of the fantastic 1.8 update. Two updates will be rolling out in April and June respectively, which will finally bring the Xbox One X 4K update to the platform along with two new global events, Blackout and Onslaught, and the addition of two Legendary missions. The June update is particularly interesting for die-hard fans as this will see the introduction of something new called Shields, and most interestingly these are unlocks for gear to be used in The Division 2

Here is a handy roadmap graphic for year 3 if, like me, you still play and love The Division.

We look forward to E3 for the full review and in the meantime, if you're craving more Division goodness please check out our two-part feature entitled "The Division and Me":

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