Call of Duty: Vanguard Gets Single-Player Gameplay Trailer

August 26, 2021

If you aren’t sick of hearing about Call of Duty: Vanguard, rejoice, because the latest, and probably not the greatest instalment in the franchise that’s been around almost longer than I’ve been alive, got a gameplay demo video at Gamescom showcasing one of its single-player missions.

In the 10-minute video, a developer plays through a mission set in the Russian city of Stalingrad. As is tradition with WW2 media set along the Eastern Front it features an emphasis on sniping, and the main character of the mission is Polina Petrova, one of the four main protagonists in the upcoming shooter.

Although the actual mission isn’t particularly interesting and just showcases Polina sneaking then shooting her way around the Russian city, the video is incredibly exciting because this is the first Vanguard gameplay we’ve seen since the title was revealed last week.

From the gameplay, it’s possible to see that the latest installment will be running on the same engine that Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone use, instead of the incredibly dated set of code that Cold War decided to use for some reason. This means that weapon resting is back, the animations are absolutely on-point, and enemies will die after only a few bullets.

Given that Cold War did the opposite of all those good things and received a pretty low score in our review last year, hopefully this means that Vanguard will be one of the better Call of Duty games, instead of one that was so bad I wrote an op-ed saying why the franchise needs to stop coming out ever year.

However, seeing as it’s going to be another two months until Vanguard releases on November 5 and we’ll be able to see how good it is for certain, be sure to stay tuned to Jump Dash Roll for more information about the game as it becomes available.

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