Turn-Based RPG Ash of Gods: Redemption Gets New Trailer and Release Date

December 15, 2019
Also on: PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Fans of The Banner Saga rejoice! There's a new turn-based game on the horizon, with a similar art style and a penchant for broody storytelling. Ash of Gods: Redemption comes courtesy of Buka Entertainment and Ravenscourt, and will contain seven different endings, three main characters, and a sumptuous art style.

With tremendous animated cutscenes, intense music and a deep dialogue-driven story, this is shaping up to be a truly unique game to kick off 2020.

Ash of Gods: Redemption will be hitting PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch on January 31st, 2020.

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Rob Kershaw

I've been gaming since the days of the Amstrad. Huge RPG fan. Planescape: Torment tops my list, but if a game tells a good story, I'm interested. Absolutely not a fanboy of any specific console or PC - the proof is in the gaming pudding. Also, I like cake.